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My offer includes pedagogic testing in the areas of attentiveness, sensory perceptions (sight, hearing and space perception) as well as fault symptomatology. Thus we obtain information about the possible existence of dyslexia or reading and writing difficulties. Based on individual test results a development plan is created.

I support your child in

  • Getting to know his own strengths and trusting them
  • Improving endurance and concentration
  • Having positive experiences and rejoicing over his own success
  • Establishing personal goals and setting to work on them independently

For many children with specific learning difficulties and behavioral abnormalities such as ADD/ADHD, one can observe the continuation of reflexes from early childhood. Those that are not recognized can prevent children from achieving their full potential. The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester (UK) was founded in 1975 by Dr. Peter Blythe. Since that time he has been carrying on groundbreaking research into the effects of continued early childhood reflexes on the further development of children with regard to their motor systems, perceptions, behaviour and learning. Since then, thousands of children have completed the INPP motion exercise programme successfully.

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