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gabriela‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.’ (A. Robbins)

I want to move! Motion means change, to new results and new success. I see problems as hidden opportunities that already contain the solution. Are you also ready to move?

Mobile: 076/323.09.09

Aaara 2011, Federation of Licensed Art Therapists,
- Berlin, 2011 Benaudira-Auditory Training, Therapist,
- Zürich, 2009-2010 Sectoral diploma Complementary Therapist OdaKTTC
– Hoerbanz, 2010-2011 Neurophysiologische Entwicklungsfoerderung INPP,
– Ueberlingen, 2008-2011 Energetische Heilarbeit bei Jana Haas
– Frauenfeld, 2001-2005 Diplom Biographiebegleiter bei Eva Brenner
– Dornach,  2002-2004 Heileurythmie-Ausbildung an der Heileurythmie-Ausbildung
– Dornach, 1995-1999 Künstlerisches Eurythmie-Studium am Eurythmeum Dornach 1984-1987
– Kaufm. Berufsschule Bern

Independent therapeutic practice since 2004

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Mobile: 076/323.09.09
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